About Us

EMI Calculator Loan is a one-stop site for calculating EMIs. Our site is dedicated to providing calculators to users looking for a loan.

We understand taking a loan requires careful consideration of your finances – because you will pay a monthly installment to the lender or an EMI. Our calculators will allow you to calculate the EMI amount best suited to your requirement and eligibility.

Importance of Calculating An EMI

Once the loan is approved, you will pay the EMI every month for the tenor. Missing even one payment leads to a hefty fine by the lender, which can further strain your finances. The EMI amount should not strain your financial or physical health. Thus, it is important for you to calculate the amount before you approach a lender.

Our EMI Calculators will help you to calculate home, personal and car loan EMIs for various lenders and make informed financial decisions.

Using Our Calculators

An EMI calculator requires you to input the loan amount, tenor and interest rates to accurately calculate the EMI amount. We share with you the interest rates charged by lenders for their financial products. We have the following calculators for you to use –

•    Personal Loan EMI Calculator

•    Home Loan EMI Calculator

•    Car Loan EMI Calculator

Once you input the details, you will get the following details

•    Monthly payment amount or EMI

•    Total Interest Payable for the whole tenor

•    Total Amount of Payments (Principal & Interest)

•    Graphical Representation of EMI breakup

•    Table showing Yearly & Monthly EMI breakup

Why Use Our EMI Calculators?

You can use our calculators whenever you want. There is no restriction on the number of times you can use the calculator.

Here are some of the major advantages we offer:

– Our EMI calculators are free & Convenient – You do not have to pay to use our calculators. They are free to use. There is no need to register and login to use our calculators. You can use them at your convenience, whenever you want and at any time.

 – You Get Quick Calculations – Once you input the detail, within seconds, you will get the EMI amount. You can change the inputs – principal amount and tenor – as many times as you want to reach the ideal EMI amount.

 – We offer your specific calculators – We offer you a calculator for different loan types including Personal Loans, Home Loans, and Car Loans. You can use the calculators for different lenders under each category to make comparisons and calculate the EMI.

 – Graphical representation – Your EMI repayments are shown in the form of graphs and charts to make it easier for you to understand the repayment breakup. An amortization table shows you the yearly and monthly EMI breakup for each loan category.