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5 Must Do Things on Home Loan Prepayment and Pre-Closure Procedure

Many Indians take a home loan for purchasing a home. There are several renowned banks, NBFCs and cooperatives in the country are a preferred choice for several buyers. Moreover, as the home loan interest rate has seen considerable fluctuations in the past few years, taking a loan from the bank can help you save a significant amount of money too. Several people who have taken home loan often think about prepaying the loan in parts or fully. While pre-paying a

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How to Calculate ICICI Home Loan EMIs by Your Own?

ICICI home loans are a means of fulfilling your dream of having a home of your own. Since it is not easy to purchase a home outright, buying the house with a down payment for a fraction of the amount and then paying off the rest in monthly installments is an easy and convenient way to achieve the dream. The monthly installments can be easily calculated using the ICICI home loan EMI calculator. What is an EMI Calculator? An EMI

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Home loan EMI Calculator

A Step-by-Step Financial Guide for Building a Dream Home

Purchasing a home requires careful decision making and financial planning as random decisions can lead to painful consequences. Since most people are not able to afford a complete payment of their house from their savings, they need to take a loan, which is then slowly paid back in installments. These installments are one of the most important factors to be worked out and you can use an automatic online home loan EMI calculator excel or manual formula for the same.

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How Does Housing Loan Interest Calculator Work?

A loan means a large sum of money that is borrowed and is to be paid back with interest in monthly installments or EMIs. For a housing loan, prior planning is required and hence you should know what kind of EMIs you can afford. You can use a housing loan interest calculator to tell you the exact EMI that you would need to pay for the desired loan amount. You can calculate the EMI for different tenures and see what

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